Scourstop Transition Mat - 4' x 4' - Green

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Scourstop Transition Mat - 4' x 4'

Model: 76085
Brand: Hanes
Geo Components
Size: 4' x 4'
Thickness: 1/2"


Minimum Order Quantity: 15 units

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Required Accessory: Bullet Anchor - (8 anchors per mat required)
Optional Accessory: Bullet Anchor Driver


ScourStop - The Green Solution to Riprap:

ScourStop® Transition Mats are an engineered, proven, bio-technical alternative to traditional hard-armor systems. ScourStop® Transition Mats are manufactured of a semi-rigid HDPE. When combined with soft-armor soil cover and deep-soil earth anchors, the ScourStop® system mechanically protects soil from severe scour and erosion. The ScourStop® system offers greater protection than vegetation alone or rip rap and is lab-tested and field-proven to protect against considerably higher shear stresses and velocities. ScourStop® Transition Mats provide a permanent, low-maintenance solution with immediate, day-one protection and impact resistance over highly erosive areas such as stormwater outfalls, curb outfalls, overflow structures, drainage channels, levees, and shorelines. ScourStop®Transition Mats conform to the property values listed below:

Property Test Method English Metric


Mass/Unit Area
ASTM D6566 0.942 lbs/ft2 4.599 kg/m2
ASTM D6525 0.463 in 11.735 mm
Wide Width Tensile Strength
ASTM D4595 3053 lbs/ft 4.139 kN/m
Percent Open Area
Calculated 50 % 50 %
UV Stability
ASTM D4355 87 % 87 %
Manning's n
Calculated 0.039 0.039
Culvert Outfall Test Exit Velocity Discharge
Prototype 16 ft/sec 4.877 m/sec
Velocity Day 1 Performance Fully Vegetated
Flume Testing ASTM D6460 19 ft/sec 5.791 m/sec
Shear Day 1 Performance Fully Vegetated
Flume Testing ASTM D6460 13 lbs/ft2 63.472 kg/m2

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