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Concrete Washout Containers - Portable Bag Lined Bins

Concrete Washout Containers

Concrete Washouts are corrugated and portable containers used to contain environmentally harmful industrial concrete, drywall mud, stucco, paint, mortar, and wet waste. Concrete Washouts consist of a fiberboard box and a disposable plastic liner. They are typically EPA compliant and used at construction job sites.


Concrete Washout Container

Concrete Washout Container

Outpak Concrete Washouts are convenient portable solutions for dealing with environmentally harmful industrial concrete, drywall mud, stucco, paint, and mortar wet waste. When you use Outpak Washouts, your washout sites will be eco-friendly and BMP compliant allowing you to avoid costly fines. The washouts are engineered not to fill with rain and can remain on a construction site for an extended period of time. They are designed to set up easily and quickly, can conveniently store away and are easy to transport. The washouts are available in multiple sizes for both pump trucks and mixers and you can use them to wash off your tools including your wheel barrows. They are also easy to dispose of after your job is completed.

The Corrugated Washout:

Our corrugated washout is portable, cost-efficient, and easy to setup. It's made from heavy-duty 350# VC3 water treated Kraft fiberboard that is very lightweight and durable, folds flat for storage or transportation.

The heavy-duty, water treated Kraft fiberboard, which the washout is made from, can be left outside in all sorts of elements and for as long as your project takes to complete. The poly bag can be tied closed so washout material will not take on additional water and will extend the evaporation time.

It's EPA-friendly for containment of hazardous site washout material including concrete, paint, sediments, drywall mud, stucco, and mortar. This corrugated washout is the easiest washout on the market. Its patented folding capability allows for easy storage for placing in the cab of a mixer or strapped to the outside for moving.

Concrete Washout Bag

Concrete Washout Bag (all weather)

The All-Weather Washout:

The new all-weather washout is designed to withstand the toughest situations and environments while still being portable, cost-efficient, and will set up easily and quickly. The containers are made from a heavy-duty, woven polypropylene that can withstand the worst climates and are durable and lightweight.

The all-weather washout will fold flat for easy storage, has 5 to 1 safety rated listing straps and attached rain fly. The all-weather washout is EPA-friendly for containment of hazardous construction site washout materials including sediment, paint, concrete, drywall mud, mortar, and stucco. The all-weather washout, like the corrugated washout is simple to move or can sit on your site throughout the entire project and even the worst weather conditions.



Concrete Washout System

Concrete Washout Bag (all weather)

The PVC Washout Secondary Containment System:

This system is cost-efficient, portable, and very durable for large applications. It is even more weather tolerable and has a larger capacity than our corrugated washout products. The Outpak PVC washout was designed to help with larger volumes of concrete waste water that is generated when rinsing a number of mixers or pump trucks.

If you have a large construction project and need a washout that will withstand months at a time in all sorts of weather, the PVC washout is the product for you.

Its strong 10-ounce PVC fabric is designed for UV and weather resistance which will give the washout a longer life cycle on your site. Our 6-foot by 8-foot PVC washout has two times the capacity of our large corrugated product and will accommodate up to 2 cubic yards/403 gallons. The largest in this line is our 8-foot by 10' PVC washout that will accommodate up to 3 cubic yards/605 gallons.

Concrete Washout for Pump Truck

Concrete Washout for Pump Truck

You Know Your Projects Must Be Compliant:

Bob Eason, owner of Outpak spent over 30 years in the concrete construction industry. He poured concrete for many different projects so he fully understands the challenges of being environmentally-friendly on construction sites. He understands that people are paid for setting forms and pouring concrete, not building a washout. Adding to these costs, you must avoid EPA fines. The largest fine enforced by the EPA is $11,000.00 per day – per project!

There have been cases where a company has been charged $7 million dollars in fines and although this is extreme, you do not want to become a target of the government. Let's face it, if you don't have a good washout, you don't have work! You can save time and money investing in a good washout that is easy to setup and will get the job done for you. Outpak washout products are so easy to move and just as easy to dispose of.






The primary reasons for providing and performing a proper washout and cement washout procedures:


Avoid Fines by Doing the Right Thing. There is no reason you should put your project in harm's way by suffering stiff fines and possibly have your project shut down.

Stay Away from On Site Liabilities. There are literally sites that have used a child's swimming pool for their washouts! Really! Imagine if a child wandered into the area of the pool and just climbed into it! A pool loaded with water that has a pH balance equal to Liquid Drano! Can you spell lawsuit?

Save Time and Money. If you use these products, you will discover there is no better way to manage your washout. They are ever so easy to store, are incredibly easy to setup, fold flat for easy transportation, and easy to dispose of.

Do the Right Thing for the Environment. When you appreciate what our environment provides, then you can respect how valuable it is to keep the environment in balance. Value the land, provide affordable solutions, and use efficient eco-friendly practices.