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Mud Management Panels for Horses and Livestock

Mud Management Panels & Grids

Areas frequented by livestock and horses are often plagued with mud related issues especially in the wet season. When an area experiences heavy rainfall where proper drainage is not installed mud will usually become an issue. This issue is made much worse when animals walk or stand on the mud which creates large ruts and ultimately deep mud. Areas with deep mud can result in injury and disease to horses and livestock as well as making it very difficult to traverse for humans or farm machinery. We offer two different mud management panels (grids) options specially designed to remedy muddy livestock areas, one that is placed in ground and the other which is simply placed on top of the ground. Below their differences and specific advantages are described in further detail.

Paddock Slab

When a heavy-duty in-ground mud grid is needed the Paddock Slab is the ideal choice. Paddock slabs are specifically designed for horses but can withstand the but is strong enough to support the full weight of a truck.

Many other hard plastic pavers on the market are primarily designed for vehicles which support equestrian traffic as a secondary usage. These products are designed for car tires which typically provide a load of 135 psi. A hoof in contact with the ground emits 185 psi which can easily cause vehicle-designed pavers to shatter leaving sharp edges and reduced support. Paddock Slabs are specifically designed for equestrian traffic and are ultra-reinforced. To resist shattering, Paddock Slabs are able to flex by more than 10% without breaking.

Paddock Slabs are a great long term solution and provide a reinforced mud-free paddock for decades of regular use.

In-Ground Mud Management Panel

In-Ground Mud Management Panel

Mud Management Grid placed on top of the ground

Mud Management Grid placed on top of the ground

Mud Control Grid

The Mud Control Grid are designed to allow for a mud-free paddock with an ultra-easy installation. The grids can be installed on top of the ground and over existing mud and are strong enough to support horses, livestock, vehicles and tractors. The surface is perforated allowing for easy drainage. Additionally, the grids sit up from the ground allowing for water storage beneath. The grids are easily interlocked to create larger mud-free surfaces.