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Mirafi 500X - 600X Fabric

Mirafi X series geotextile is a high quality separation fabric typically used in roadway construction. It's high strength construction provides the perfect barrier for preventing the mixing of sub-grade soils and aggregates. We offer a complete selection of different roll sizes to accommodate any project.

Asphalt Overlay Fabric

Designed to prevent asphalt cracking and extend the longevity of pavement, fiberglass overlay fabric is your material of choice. The fabric is available in a variety of different lengths and widths to accommodate project specifics.

Mirafi 140N Filter Fabric

Established as a standard in the filtration fabric sector, the Mirafi 140N is an excellent choice for filtration applications. Providing a high water flow rate and rugged durability this fabric is used by professionals for a wide variety of drainage related applications. Available in a wide variety of different roll lengths and widths.

Mirafi 160N Drainage Fabric

A heavy-duty drainage fabric, the Mirafi 160N is an excellent choice for heavy-duty separation, filtration and drainage applications. Providing high water flow rates the 160N fabrics are used in a wide variety of applications from subsurface drainage to roadway separation applications.

Mirafi 180N Geotextile Fabric

For heavy-duty drainage applications, the Mirafi 180N is the fabric of choice. With a high tinsel strength, this material can handle rugged applications while allowing a high flow rate. As with the other fabrics in this series it is available in a variety of different roll sizes.

Bollard Covers

Over the years the paint on a pipe bollard can fade leaving a chipped up cement or metal column which is not very visible to drivers and simply looks dilapidated. Bollard covers easily slip over an existing pipe bollard to provide it with a rejuvenated look without having to paint or re-install the existing column.

Pipe Bollards

Providing safety and security for storefronts, electrical transformers, ATMs and pedestrian areas, pipe bollards keep people and property safe from accidental - or intentional vehicular damage.

Parking Bollards

Providing storefront protection, these bollards can be Pantone color matched to fit any store's color scheme and provide a nice cohesive look while providing protection from potential damage by vehicles ramming into the store front.

ScourStop Transistion Mats

In high flowing drainage discharge areas a large amount of rip rap rock is traditionally required to prevent serious erosion from taking place. Scourstop provides a heavy-duty replacement for the rip rap reducing cost, labor and providing a long term erosion prevention solution.

Debris Netting

Designed to protect construction workers and pedestrians from falling debris from a job site, debris netting is now a near universal requirement when working on elevated job sites. We provide a variety of different netting for varying applications.

Scaffold Netting

Scaffold netting can be used to provide protection against falling debris, can act as a wind barrier and protects scaffolding from the weather elements. The scaffold netting that we provide is fire retardant, easy to install, flexible in severe temperatures and uv treated / stabilized.

Construction Netting

On an elevated construction site, many types of safety netting can be required. We offer a wide selection of different types to meet your specific job site requirements.

Woven Geotextile Fabric

When constructing a surface which requires geosynthetic stabilization, woven geotextile fabric is your ideal choice. This material is constructed of high strength fibers which are designed to specifically provide a stable surface. Common applications include roadways, as a sub base for paver patio and as structural support for a retaining wall base.

Turbidity Curtains

When looking for a solution to trap sediment in specific water areas a floating turbidity curtain is the right product for the job. When coupled with a weight at the bottom to keep the sediment from escaping the area these curtain barriers can especially effective.

Coir Matting

Designed to provide superior soil stabilization, coir matting erosion control blankets are an ideal solution in areas where erosion is an issue. Available in a variety of different sizes we provide coir matting which can be quickly shipped directly to your job site.

Metal Roof Underlayment

We provide peel and stick metal roof underlayment which is constructed of polymer film aluminum composite foil with rubberized-asphalt adhesive. The end result is a flexible strong material which acts as an effective water barrier for beneath a metal rooftop.

Concrete Washout Containers

Job site fines for not washing out tools, can be costly and inconvenient. We provide a line of concrete washout containers which are heavy duty and can easily be disposed of when full. Different sizes and styles are available to fit your specific job site need.


When looking for an economical solution to traditional tree stalking arbortie is an excellent choice. Constructed of a flat polyester, it is used to tie trees to ensure proper growth. Additionally, it is completely safe for the tree and eliminates tree girding.

Triax Geogrid

Manufactured by Tensar, this geogrid material is specifically designed for trafficked surfaces. It's unique triangular webbed design provides enhances strength for the most rugged conditions.

Greenhouse Plastic

High quality polyethylene film is essential when enclosing a greenhouse. We provide plastic which resists dust and tearing. We are able to provide material ranging from small backyard projects to large commercial greenhouses.

Horse Stall Mats

Designed for the constant weight of horses, Humane horse stall mats are heavy duty and range from 3/8" to 3/4" thick. Available in either single mat or kit quantities, we ship these mats throughout the United States to both residential and commercial locations.

Spill Pallets

When storing liquids that have a likelihood to drip or spill a pallet which keeps the spilled liquid contained is essential. We offer spill pallets which conform to various regulations and are available in multiple sizes and weight ratings.

Dog Kennel Flooring

In a dog kennel or daycare it is essential that the flooring is soft, easy to clean and durable. We offer various materials which are ideal for this type of setting. Heavy duty rolled rubber mats are ideal for this type of application and are available in multiple colors and thicknesses.

Greenhouse Flooring

Walkways in commercial greenhouses require a flooring material which will provide cushion and will resist becoming slippery when wet. Rubber greenhouse flooring is a popular flooring option for this application and is designed to withstand daily traffic for years on end.