Scourstop Bullet Anchor Driver
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Scourstop Bullet Anchor Driver

  • $238.50

Scourstop Bullet Anchor Driver

Model: 76013
Brand: Hanes
Geo Components
Number of Units Included: 1

Note: Bullet anchor driver must be ordered with Scourstop mats and will not ship alone. 


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Bullet Anchor Driver - 

A “ground rod driver” adapter is required for use in an electric demolition or rotary hammer to drive ScourStop Bullet Anchor Drivers.

A hammer of this size generally utilizes a “SDS MAX” ground rod driver. SDS MAX is the type of hammer and is standard for multiple hammer brands.

The .75” SDS MAX ground rod driver accepts our Bullet Anchor Driver. When renting or buying an electric demolition/ rotary hammer, ask for the largest size available using a SDS MAX driver. Turn the rotary off when driving anchors.

Demolition/rotary hammers increase productivity exponentially over a slide hammer. We suggest using 2 Bullet Anchor Drivers per hammer.

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