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Horse Paddock Mud Control Grid



Horse Paddock Mud Control Grid
(Mud Control Mat)

The Horse Paddock Mud Control Grid is designed to eliminate mud in horse paddock areas while providing a stable surface. These ultra-reinforced grids are unique in that they do not require a substructure (compacted gravel base) and can be laid directly on the ground. This allows the grids to be moved without damage an reinstalled in another location at a future date. This is ideal for horse owners that are leasing a property and are hesitant to investing in permanent paddock reinforcement. In addition to equestrian and lifestock traffic, the grids are able to support 11,200 pounds per square foot which is adequate for car and truck parking as well.

"This product is amazing. The installation process was a lot easier than I expected. What I love most about this product is that it’s is not permanent, you can simply pull up the mud grids if you plan on relocating." - Shonna, Washington State

Brand: Hahn Plastics
Condition: New

Size: 19.69" x 19.69" x 2.12"
Square Feet / Grid: 2.69
Grid Depth: 2.12"
Product Specifications: Download Mud Control Grid Specification Sheet / Brochure >

Minimum Order Quantity:
60 units, 161 sq. ft.



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Volume Pricing Available on Orders Over $10,000

Paramount Materials will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that may arise from the movement of animals and/or livestock on or across the goods. Animals can lose footing on ANY surface and whilst every effort has been made during the design and production of the slabs by Hahn Plastics to make them slip-resistant we cannot guarantee that this will never happen.

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  • Anti-slip design with ideal aperture size for horses
  • Excellent water drainage through the surface
  • Durable, non-rotting and weather resistant
  • Minimal groundwork preparation required
  • Frost and UV-resistant
  • Low maintenance and cost effective throughout the product life
  • Interlocking design enables easy and quick installation
  • Easy to extend or remove at any time

Why Buy Mud Control Grids from Paramount Materials?

  • We only sell the authentic Hahn Mud Control Grid. We do not offer “no-name” or “knock-off” branded grids which can be subject to incorrect specs, reduced plastic density and subpar quality while providing a dangerous environment for horses and livestock.
  • We know how to get your order to you. Mud control grids are large and heavy. When palletized and shipped some very specific guidelines must be followed to avoid damage to the grids and refused shipments. Because we have 5+ years of shipping this product we know exactly how to prepare and ship your order for a successful delivery.
  • When you call, we answer. When you call Paramount Materials you get a live person quickly, ready to help with product or order questions. (M-F 5:00 am - 3:00 pm Pacific Time)


Most Paddock Slab orders ship next day (M-F) if order is placed before 11:00 AM EST. Transit times displayed in the map are listed in business days, are approximate and are specific to the Paddock Slab product. The day that the order is shipped is not counted as a transit day. Paddock slab orders ship via LTL freight.

The transit times displayed on the map are for our free shipping option.



Site prep can be complicated, expensive and labor intensive. With the mud control grid site preparation is greatly reduced as the grids can be placed directly on top of the ground. Leasing a property? Install the grids temporary and take them with you when you move instead of investing into a property that you do not own. Mud control grids not only eliminate mud but also provide a stable surface for horse, livestock and even passenger vehicle parking. Mud management grids are made from 100% recycled plastic so they can't rot and carry a 20 year product guarantee from Hahn Plastics.

"We put down the grids during a very wet spell and now the ground is frozen solid. The horses just love standing on them out of the mud. There are 2 wooden slabs built in which I can attach a full bale net to where needed. I'm going to buy some more for next winter especially for the gate ways. I've attached a photo showing how they are working great, I leave the scattered hay to give the horses more grip and to give the barefoot horses soft standing especially in the frozen weather."
-Susanne, Maple Ridge, BC

"We are using the grids for a wash area for the horses. These are really great, heavy duty, and definitely not rubber. They will keep all of us out of the mud when giving baths. I have already recommended the grids to several folks here in Kansas that are looking for mud management systems."
- Edith, Kansas, United States


Step 1
Before installing the grids, a 2” gravel layer will improve support and drainage for very soft ground. A 2–4” layer of wood chips can also be used to create a flexible base.

Step 2
Mark out and level the installation area, filling any dips or depressions with granular material. For soil types like heavy clay, installing a non-woven needle-punched 3.5 oz geotextile (with 6” overlap) will prevent the gradual loss of infill material into the ground.

Step 3
Use a string line as a level and alignment guide (allowing for adjacent edging or fencing). Lay the grids along the line, leaving a ¼” gap between grids. Use the tabs on the Mud Control Grid edges for level alignment.

Step 4
It's best to stagger the grids for extra stability. To create a staggered bond, begin the second row with a half grid (grids can be cut with a skill or bench saw, just like hardwood). Lay the second row, leaving a ¼” gap between the first  row and between each new grid. Use the other half grid at the end of the row. Small adjustments to maintain alignment can be done with a lever.

Step 5
When the Mud Control Grids have been installed, the grid holes can be filled with permeable material. Coarse sharp sand is ideal or ¼–⅝” gravel can also be used. A ton of sand or gravel will fill around 140 grids (375 ft2). NB. If using gravel,  make sure all gravel is cleared from the surface before use.

Step 6
Mud Control Grids should always be used with a tread layer. For general use and especially for shod horses with all season stabling, we recommend a final 2–4” layer of riding sand or fine sand with 2% clay. Use a roller or plate vibrator to lightly compact the sand before use. Top up the sand each year to keep surfaces looking good and in top condition.


Other Mud Control Solutions

Paddock Slab

When you need a strong, heavy-duty mud grid, a Paddock Slab is a perfect choice. Paddock Slabs are specifically designed for horses and can withstand the full weight of a truck.

There are several other hard plastic pavers that are basically designed for vehicles that can support equestrian traffic but only as a secondary option. These products are designed for car tires which usually provide a load of 135 psi while hoof contact with the ground will give a load of 185 psi. This can cause pavers designed for vehicles to shatter leaving sharp edges and therefore decrease the needed support. Paddock Slabs are specifically designed for equestrian traffic and are ultra-reinforced to prevent shattering. The slabs are capable of flexing more than 10% without breaking.

Paddock Slabs are designed to last a very long time providing a reinforced mud-free paddock. Paddock Slabs are designed to last for decades to come with regular use.

Mud Management Grid

An LSG grid is made from flexible HDPE plastic. It’s designed to conform to sloped or uneven surfaces. For shipping purposes, the grid is compressed in the shape of a rectangle. It’s laid on the ground in the area where it will be installed and then staked down. When opened, the cell structure is revealed. The stakes are driven around the parameter to make sure the material will stay in place in order to keep its shape. Gravel is now added to the material to fill the cells. This is an important step because the strength of the surface relies on the strength of the infill which must be the correct type and size of the gravel used. Read through the installation guide for the correct instructions for installation and proper infill.

When installed correctly, the LSG grid will give you a mud-free surface that is very stable for all types of traffic. Because the fabric is absorbent, the surface will allow water to seep through and drain, as long as the site is capable of draining naturally.

Mud Control Grid

The Mud Control Grid is specifically designed to create a mud-free paddock and install very easily. These grids can be installed on top of the ground and over existing mud. These grids are strong enough to support horses, livestock, vehicles, and tractors. The surface is perforated for easy drainage. Also, the grids sit up off the ground to provide water storage underneath. The grids offer excellent interlocking to create larger mud-free surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I purchase less than the minimum order requirement of 60 grids?

Unfortunately, we only sell this product with a minimum order requirement of 60 units.

How long does this take to be delivered?

Approximately 3-6 business days.

Where do the grids ship from?

Kansas City, MO

How are these installed?

See installation instructions above. In general, you prepare the area by leveling out the area the best you can, then place the grids on top.

How long do these grids last?

They have a 20 year manufacturer warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shelli Pawlu
Mud? Oh yeah!

I am so happy with this purchase. So easy to put together and they stay together! I'm using them for my horses and my goats and chickens. Every spring our farm turns into a mud hole. We live in a small valley with a creek. Mud gets deep!! Every one is loving these. Even my husband said I made a great purchase. I would definitely recommend!

Dolores Arste
Buy from Paramount

Bought from paramount while we were in Arkansas. Perfect experience. Once in NY we tried another company. Nope! We went back to paramount. Perfect again. They even called to make sure the NY address was correct.

Jennifer Glassman

For years we have been dealing with horrible mud in the high traffic areas of our pastures - mainly gates and the main entrance to the barn. We got all the mats distributed and they are AMAZING...Install was so easy. Wish we could afford more! Thanks for all the help with the order. you guys are great.


These make a huge difference for doing chores, and help protect hooves. Easiest and most effective mud control out there!


Super spendy, but worth every penny. Has been a lifesaver for my horses’ feed area that was a muddy swamp. Would absolutely be a 5 star product if they were a little more affordable.