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Turbidity Curtain Barrier - Type 3 DOT - 4' x 50'



Turbidity Curtain Barrier - Type 3 DOT - 4' x 50'

Model: TC-4X50-D3
Brand: Tough Guy / AER-FLO

Size: 4' x 50'
Product Specifications: Download Printable Spec Sheet >

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  • This is a special adaption of the Type 2 barrier. Approximately 20% or more of the area of the barrier skirt fabric is replaced with a polypropylene filter fabric conforming to some State DOT specifications. The filter fabric is inserted to reduce the pressure on the curtain while retaining silt.
  • It is highly recommended that you contact a qualified engineer for assistance when facing these conditions because the anchorage and installation must be designed exactly to meet these situations

Why Buy Turbidity Curtains from Paramount Materials?

  • We only sell the Tough Guy brand commercial-grade curtains which are made in the USA. Widely regarded as the “go to brand” for quality and strict adherence to stated specifications.
  • We do not sell "no-name" or "off-brand" curtains. These economy curtains often claim to meet spec but due to oversees manufacturing variances sometimes do not, leaving the installer exposed to potential fines and project delays.
  • When you call, we answer. When you call Paramount Materials you get a live person quickly, ready to help with product or order questions. (M-F 5:00 am - 3:00 pm Pacific Time)

Tough-Guy® Floating Turbidity Barrier Type 3.DOT

Specifications (ST: 10/08)

Main body fabric is laminated vinyl/polyester having the following characteristics: Construction - vinyl laminate on 9x9 1000x1300 denier polyester scrim Weight – 18.5 oz. per sq. yd (434 gr./sq.m)

Adhesion – 24 x 20 lb./2”

Grab Tensile – 410 x 410 lb./in. (430 x 421 daN/5cm.)

Tear - 100 x 100 lb./in. (95 x 95 daN)

Hydrostatic – 600 psi (4167 kPa) Cold resistance to crack: -40° F/C

Geotextile filter fabric inserted into skirt, approximately 20% of skirt area having the following characteristics:

Construction - woven polypropylene Minimum average roll values:

Grab Tensile (ASTM D-4632) - 370/250 lb (1.64/1.11 kN) Grab Elongation (ASTM D-4632) - 15%

Mullen Burst (ASTM D-3786) - 480 psi (3300 kPa) Puncture (ASTM D-4833) - 135 lb (.60 kN)

Trapezoidal Tear (ASTM D4533) - 100/60 lb (.444/.265 kN) AOS (ASTM D-4751) - 70 sieve (.212 mm)

Permittivity (ASTM D-4491) - .28/sec.

Flow Rate (ASTM D-4491) - 18 gal/min/sq. ft. (730 L/min/sq. m)

All main body seams are heat sealed. All geotextile seams are sewn double needle type 301. 5/8 in. poly rope reinforced vertical edges.

#5 brass grommets on vertical edge and every 10’ across bottom on barriers over 10’ deep 5/16 in. galvanized steel 7x19 load cable in top, 9800 lb. break strength (4455 kg.)

5/16 in. galvanized chain ballast in bottom

Aluminum stress plates at cable and chain termination

EPS flotation, (8 in. x 8 in. standard), 26.7 lb./ft. buoyancy in fresh water, 28.4 lb./ft in saltwater.

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