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Staked Turbidity Barrier – 44.5” x 48’



The Staked Turbidity Barrier is an impervious vinyl polyester (PVC) fabric that helps to contain storm water runoff and re-direct it to retention areas and proper channels when properly installed.

These barriers meet or exceed all DOT specs and are a helpful product to help with erosion and sediment containment.

If a construction site has significant discharge, these staked turbidity barriers would be an ideal option to mitigate those issues. They work to prevent storm water runoff and erosion in tough conditions are are a storm water Best Management Practice (BMP). They work in porous soils on moderately sloped sites.

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Barrier Size: 44" x 48'

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  • Construction sites
  • Roadside ditches
  • Marshes, ponds, and other shallow bodies of water
  • Retention basins

HOW IT WORKS: On-land installation is similar to that of a sit fence, with 8 inches of the barrier below grade and 36 inches above grade. The upper portion of the barrier is attached to metal or wood stakes (including re-bar) that are approximately 6 feet apart with staples, wires, or nylon ties. As needed, staked barriers can also be installed in up to 18 inches of water.

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