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Mud Management Gravel Grid Panel - 9' x 24' x 3"



Mud Management Gravel Grid Panel


For use in various applications where mud has become an issue due to rutting from livestock, vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Mud management grids provide a stable surface which resists rutting by keeping the infill compacted within it's cells. The perforated cell design provides superior lateral drainage and the flexible heavy-duty cell weather-resistant cell structure resists cracking and shattering.

Model: LSG-3
Brand: Cell-Tek

Size: 9' x 24' x 3" deep
Square Feet / Grid: 215 ($1.93 / sq. ft. delivered)


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  • Heavy-Duty
  • Perforated Cell Design for Maximum Drainage
  • Reduces Mud
  • Provides Stability for Vehicular Traffic
  • Non-Leaching Material
  • HDPE Material with a 100 Year+ Lifespan


Livestock Paddock areas • Porous Pavements • Overflow Parking areas • Access Roads • Fire Access Lanes • Boat Ramps • Parking Lots • Golf Cart Paths • Roadside Shoulder Reinforcement • Driveways • Ports & Marinas • RV Parking • Trails & Pathways • Pavement Base Support • Permeable Paver Support


Model: LSG-3
Brand: Cell-Tek
Size: 9' x 24' x 3" deep
Square Feet / Grid: 215 ($1.93 / sq. ft. delivered)


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Area Before Mud Management Grid:

After Installing Mud Management Grid:

********* 8 Months After Installation *********

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding your products that we installed in April this year. After we finished up, we received lots and lots or rain, your product held up beautifully. We are so glad we installed and purchased from your company. I absolutely love the grids we put down for the wash area, I used it a lot this summer. Thank you again for your assistance and I recommend your stuff all the time. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!"

- Edith


  • LSG Grids are Available in 3", 4" & 6" Depths
  • The LSG grid can be used to reduce mud and stabilize a variety of surfaces. The 3" model is best used for pedestrian and light vehicular traffic, the 4" & 6" models are designed for medium - heavy vehicle traffic.
  • The LSG grid has been used on thousands of stabilization installations throughout the USA for over 10 years.


Download the full installation guide for instructions on how to install the LSG grid in an equestrian application.


(click image above to enlarge)

The grids can be connected by either using heavy-duty zip-ties (for lighter load applications) or by stapling as shown below. If connecting with zip-ties, run the zip ties around the entire cell to connect.


Note: The below videos are for general reference on the LSG grid only. Do not follow the instructions shown in the videos for a horse paddock installation. Refer to the Horse Paddock Installation Guide for specific instructions.

Mud Management Grid Accessories:


18" Rebar J-Hooks

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