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Miramesh TR Biaxial Geosynthetic - 8' x 150' Roll - TenCate


SKU Miramesh-TR

Miramesh TR Biaxial Geosynthetic - 8' x 150' Roll - TenCate

Model: Miramesh TR
Brand: TenCate

Size: 8' x 150'
Square Feet / Roll: 1,200
Geogrid Specifications:  Download Miramesh GR Specification Sheet

Note: This particular size has a minimum order requirement of 117 rolls. Please see the table below which shows other sizes with single roll minimum order requirements.

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  • Strength: Biaxial strength to provide uniform design strengths and facilitate one layer installation for secondary reinforcement and face erosion protection.
  • Vegetation Support: Vegetation testing shows Miramesh® geosynthetics perform better than biaxial geogrids and geotextiles in providing a suitable platform for plant growth. The uniquely designed aperture construction allows for retention of soil particles, while encouraging vegetation growth.
  • Flexible: Easily conforms to the slope or wall face to provide a stable platform vegetation.
  • Design Life: Available in 75 to 100 year permanent design life exposed to sunlight

TenCate Miramesh biaxial geogrids function for:
- Soil Reinforcement
- Confinement
- Erosion Protection


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Miramesh TR is composed of black high-tenacity polypropylene yarns that are woven together to produce an open mesh geotextile. Miramesh TR is inert to biological degradation and resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis, and acids.

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Product Description Sheet (MARV)

2XT Product Description Sheet

2XT Tri-fold

Engineered Structures Brochure

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Line Card

NTPEP Report REGEO-2011-01-001

NTPEP Report REGEO-2015-01-002

Miramesh Geogrids

Miramesh Product Description Sheet


Technical Data Sheet PDF (MARV)


Case Studies

Miramesh TR Installed at Jobsite

Mirafi Miramesh TR on Large Project

Case Study: Mirafi Miramesh TR

The Challenge

In many cases, sites have found the most effective and economical solution to prevent imposed lateral loads on below-grade structural walls would be stress relief walls.

In some situations, the requirement is a temporary framework which was the case for the new Sanford Medical Center in Fargo, ND. Timing and staging of this massive hospital were critical to preventing loading until the first floor was in place and had correct elevation around the entire perimeter of the lowest structural wall for construction of the building.

TenCate’s Mirafi® Temporary Wire Wall System was the perfect choice to achieve both goals.

In other cases, a permanent stress relief structure would be needed like the Viking Stadium project in Minneapolis, MN. They had the usual load relief requirement but also needed a void area outside the structural wall with a space constraint for construction.  The TenCate’s Mirafi® Permanent Wire Wall System met the requirement perfectly. The alternative was cast-in-place shear walls on footings to bedrock with rock anchors as used for other locations around the building. The contractor realized they were able to save around 5.5 million dollars by using a CMU basement wall with the adjacent 700-foot long,  40-foot high Mirafi® Permanent Wire Wall System.


TenCate’s Mirafi® Wire Wall System was a combination of project-specific designs for each of the projects. The two designs provided steel wire forms at the face to save on the labor costs and offer support for the facing material during construction.

The Sanford Medical center temporary wall chose Miragrid® 7XT for the fundamental reinforcement and  Miramesh® TR for the facing.  Miramesh® TR is designed for temporary operations and is manufactured in relative amounts that would save on labor and remain flexible, for easy maneuvering during construction. The design required reinforcement at every 1.5-feet compacted soil layer with different lengths to support various discharge loads. One of the benefits of this particular wall system, it can easily vary slope angles and geometry. The temporary MSE structure needed to change inclinations to accommodate crane and man or material lift loads at various locations where the wall needed to be vertical while aligning to inside and outside angles close to the building. The walls are 2,000 ft long, 14 ft high, and had been in service for less than one year.

The steel forms had the same dimensions for each project., W4 wire on 4X4-inch spacing.  The temporary wall wire forms did not need coating but the permanent wall required galvanizing.

The design of the Viking Stadium permanent wall used  Miragrid® 7XT for reinforcement.  The face was over the reinforcement facing, Mirafi® HP570, and inside the wire form. The locations had to be put in place in order to tie the Miragrid® reinforcement into concrete pile caps supporting a pedestrian bridge with an anchor system a well as intersecting pipe inclusions within the structure. The entire wall was designed at a near-vertical angle to minimize the top of the wall distance to the building.


A great advantage of this wall system, it allows for a latitude option in construction. In most cases, stress relief walls must be installed near an existing building wall and other impediments. The design, components, and technique of installation provided solutions for saving time and money along with added safety concerns. The temporary and permanent stress relief walls were built from the top and the back of the MSE structure. This eliminated the problem of working between the building wall and the reinforced soil structure.

During the project, the temporary Mirafi® Wire Wall System and the bottom lift were placed 2-feet away from the wall around the boundary of the building.  The lifts were set 9-feet from each basic lift face to get a 26-degree angle for critical load locations where it changed to near vertical.  The compacted reinforced soil layer was 1.5-feet,  the same height as the welded wire forms. The wire facing served to provide a fall protection system to meet safety requirements. The permanent Mirafi® Wire Wall System was installed at a distance as required in the plans and has a slant of near-vertical.

The design of the wall is made of geotextile and geogrid facing that's placed inside the formwork to handle both primary and secondary reinforcement.


Both structures performed and are still performing as planned. The TenCate Wall Systems saved time and lowered the amount in labor and materials while meeting the project's schedule. Once again, the TenCate Wall System out-performed other products on the market with long-term life expectancy., superb quality. reliability, and dependability.