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Miragrid 20XT Geogrid - 12' x 200' Roll - TenCate



Miragrid 20XT Geogrid - 12' x 200' Roll - TenCate

Model: 20XT-12X200
Brand: TenCate

Size: 12' x 200'
Square Feet / Roll: 2,400
Weight: 375 lbs
Geogrid Specifications:  Download Miragrid 20XT Specification Sheet

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This fabric is produced in the state of Georgia, USA and can meet Build America / Buy America (BABA) requirements when requested. If ordering this fabric for a BABA project be sure to indicate that a BABA fabric is required in the “order message” field on the cart page.

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  • High long-term design strengths (LTDS): Miragrid® geogrids have more than 220,000 hours of tension creep testing performed at an independent test laboratory.
  • Credible: Dependable long term strength assured.
  • Cost effective: Creep resistant polyester fibers provide higher allowable tensile strength, minimizing the required number of geogrid layers. Wide rolls significantly reducing placement time, lowering cost.
  • Light weight: Easy to handle and no sharp edges.
  • Flexible, tough: Minimizes movement of soil structure.
  • Strength: Miragrid® geogrids provide the widest strength range, and are the highest strength geogrid material in the market today.

TenCate Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids function for:
- Soil Reinforcement


  • We are an authorized Mirafi / Tencate distributor.
  • We only sell genuine Mirafi geogrid. We never ship mislabeled overruns or "knock-offs".
  • You order Mirafi, we ship Mirafi. Even if a stock issue arises we never substitute for another brand without the customer's direct consent.
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TenCate Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids are high performance woven polyester and polymer-coated geogrids used for soil reinforcement. TenCate Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids are used in Mechanically Stabilized Earth applications including internally reinforced walls, segmental retaining walls (SRW's), and steepend slopes. TenCate Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids provide high, long-term design strengths (LTDS) and excellent soil interaction. TenCate Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids are constructed of high tenacity, high molecular weight, woven polyester to deliver long-term performance.

The Difference TenCate Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids make:

- Flexible and durable
- Excellent creep resistance
- High long-term design strengths
- Lightweight and easily handled
- Cost effective
- Custom fabricated
- System Solutions:

Mechanically Stabilized Earth

- Steepened Slopes: Vegetated and Wrapped Faced
- Walls: Permanent and Temporary
- Segmented Retaining Walls
- Void Spanning
- Veneer Reinforcement
- Soil Reinforcement
- Landfills

Mirafi 20XT Case Study


The Cherry Island Landfill has been used for municipal solid waste removal since 1985. The island is operated by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority. The site was built on an old disposal site where the Christina and Delaware rivers come together. The landfill is made of soft compressible materials. The DSWA  needed to create a plan to extend the life of the landfill as its waste capacity was maximizing out.  The problem, the present landfill was restricted by the Delaware River to the east, the Christina River to the south, Interstate 495 sits to the west, and there are dredge lagoons to the north. Using horizontal land expansion for the facility was out of the question. The only alternative they had available was a vertical expansion to increase the landfill's capability. In order to vertically expand, they would have to seriously improve the ground measures and use ground reinforcement techniques to make this happen.

Site Designing

The subsurface conditions included dredge material that was approximately 40 feet thick, overlaying a 45-foot thick alluvial deposit. Underlying the alluvial deposit was semi-dense to dense residual, and layer of sand. Because of the soft ground on the sides of the landfill's slopes could not be steeper than 8 Horizontal to 1 Vertical (8H:1V) without serious ground improvement and geosynthetic reinforcement techniques.  Some improvements proposed for the vertical expansion included deep soil mixing, sand drains, and prefabricated vertical drains (PVD). Eventually, the most cost-efficient and construction-friendly option was using a high-strength geosynthetic reinforced berm constructed over the PVDs.  It was anticipated that due to the soft, compressible dredge and alluvial material, a significant settlement was expected. Due to the massive size of the reinforced earth berm, development of very high pore and water pressure in the foundation there was a serious concern. Piezometers and other instrumental devices were brought into the design in order to monitor and prevent the berm from being built too quickly.


Construction started by installing more than 81,000 prefabricated vertical drains over 6.8 million linear feet.  The vertical drains were installed around the perimeter of the landfill in the area of the foundation berm. Afterward, the berm was constructed on top of the PVDs then placing the very high-strength reinforcement geotextile with drainage sand. The 2 bottom layers of the reinforcement were critical for stability to the reinforced berm. The 2 layers consisted of TenCate Mirafi® PET1170 geotextile. The geotextile was the highest strength ever manufactured for this kind of construction within the United States. The strength of the woven polyester geotextile was 1,170 kN/m (80,000 lb/ft).

The length of the installed 2 bottom layers of polyester geotextile was 140 feet long. The length was needed because of the very soft subgrade. Two additional long installments of high-strength Mirafi® PET1170 were used at the mid-height of the berm for added stability. The rest of the berm was constructed using TenCate Miragrid® 20XT polyester geogrid. The embedded lengths of Miragrid® 20XT ranged from 20 to 80 feet. The berm was constructed with a face batter of 1 horizontal to 3 Vertical (1H: 3V), 72°  from horizontal, so technically it was a wall. The face detail was made up of l-shaped wire baskets serving as a form for fill placement and TenCate Miramesh® GR wrapped around the face. Miramesh® GR is a small passage (2mm) grid material that was used as a secondary reinforcement and the facing wrap was used for stability as well as for erosion protection.  The open characteristic of Miramesh® allowed for quick germination of vegetation through reinforcement.  Local vegetation was used at the site and grew quickly at the face after construction.  The berm was constructed up to 60 to 70 feet in height with a total length of around 8,700 feet or 1.6 miles. The entire face area of the berm was around 475,000 square feet. Well over 2 million cubic yards of fill was needed for the construction of the berm. The berm required over 80,000 square yards of  Mirafi® PET1170, 670,000 square yards of Miragrid® 20XT, and 315,000 square yards of Miramesh® GR.


The construction of the vertical expansion could not have taken place without using high-performance geosynthetics. TenCate Geosynthetics created high-strength polyester reinforcement along with tensile strengths over 80,000 lb/ft to meet the requirements of the site. The vertical expansion was an ingenious design for effectively managing and constructing the massive berm on extremely soft soil. TenCate Mirafi® made it possible for a cost-effective, easy construction solution to a very difficult project. This project was one of 5 finalists for the ASCE 2012 Opal Award for Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA).


 Product Description Sheet (MARV)

2XT Product Description Sheet

2XT Tri-fold

Engineered Structures Brochure

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Line Card

NTPEP Report REGEO-2011-01-001

NTPEP Report REGEO-2015-01-002


Technical Data Sheet PDF (MARV):


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