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Geogrid Reinforcing Fabric



Geogrid Reinforcing Fabric is the ideal solution for soil stabilization on retaining walls, roads, and steep embankments.

This reinforcement fabric is durable and constructed from multifilament polyester mesh, each fiber is woven together and then coated PVC plastic for added protection.  This mesh works by trapping aggregate gravel and soil inside of the mesh holes restricting side-to-side movement. By inhibiting the lateral motion of the soil and creating stable rock layers the grid prevents soil collapse and enables a stronger retaining structure.

Uniaxial and Biaxial geogrids are both commonly used by contractors, homeowners, and municipalities for retaining wall projects all over the USA.

3 Series – For wall applications up to 10 ft in height

5 Series – For wall applications over 10 ft in height

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- Various Geogrid series and size options available

Applications Include:

- Retaining walls
- Steep slopes
- Sub-grade stabilization
- Soft soils under embankments
- Waste containment/landfills

Geogrid Placement Diagram
Geogrid Placement Direction


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