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Scourstop Transition Mat - 4' x 4' - Green

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Scourstop Transition Mat - 4' x 4'

Model: 76085
Brand: Hanes
Geo Components
Size: 4' x 4'
Thickness: 1/2"

Minimum Order Quantity: 15 units

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  • Facilitates the use of soft armor vegetation solutions in areas typically reserved for hard armor.
  • ScourStop’s vegetated, no-maintenance BMPs lower life-cycle costs.
  • Lightweight and portable, the ScourStop system does not require heavy construction equipment for installation.


  • ScourStop® Brochure
  • ScourStop® Design Guide
  • ScourStop® Installation Guide
  • ScourStop® Bullet Anchor Driver
  • ScourStop® White Paper
  • ScourStop® Transition Mats Spec Sheet
  • ScourStop® CSI Format Specs

ScourStop - The Green Solution to Riprap:

ScourStop® Transition Mats are an engineered, proven, bio-technical alternative to traditional hard-armor systems. ScourStop® Transition Mats are manufactured of a semi-rigid HDPE. When combined with soft-armor soil cover and deep-soil earth anchors, the ScourStop® system mechanically protects soil from severe scour and erosion. The ScourStop® system offers greater protection than vegetation alone or rip rap and is lab-tested and field-proven to protect against considerably higher shear stresses and velocities. ScourStop® Transition Mats provide a permanent, low-maintenance solution with immediate, day-one protection and impact resistance over highly erosive areas such as stormwater outfalls, curb outfalls, overflow structures, drainage channels, levees, and shorelines. ScourStop®Transition Mats conform to the property values listed below:

Scourstop Bullet Anchors
Scourstop Bullet Anchors
Scourstop Bullet Anchors
Scourstop Bullet Anchors

Scourstop Bullet Anchors

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Scourstop Bullet Anchor Driver
Scourstop Bullet Anchor Driver

Scourstop Bullet Anchor Driver

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