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Scaffold Netting

Scaffold Netting Orange and Black ColorScaffold Netting & Sheeting

We offer a wide variety of scaffold netting and sheeting for varying scaffold types and installation settings. The material varies in color, physical properties, size and cost.


Scaffolding serves as a temporary structure on construction sites, for building repair, and many other projects where height is required.  Scaffolding is available in various materials including metal and wood and should only be erected by professionals.  The popularity of a material is greatly influenced by the region you are living in.  For instance, the United Kingdom prefers metal pipes and tubes for their scaffolding while Asia prefers bamboo.  The main components for scaffolding include boards, couplers, and tubes.

Throughout the Western World, scaffolding is made from metal and used to support workers such as builders and to support materials being used during the building or repair projects.  If your project is several stories high or possibly a high-rise, the scaffolding must meet the building standards regulations.  There are many regulations involving safety standards that must be met when using scaffolding.  Therefore, it is critical that you hire a professional that understands and is aware of all the regulations when building your scaffolding.

Scaffold SheetingScaffold Sheeting

There are many elements that makeup scaffolding construction including ropes, ladders, plates, and, in most cases, scaffold sheeting.  Scaffold sheeting is designed to protect your site from damage that could take place during high winds, rain, snow, and other elements.  This sheeting is made from heavy-duty materials such as Monarflex and will be tied to the scaffolding poles to keep it in place.

In many cases, a company will choose scaffold sheeting to add their name or logo, and builders can advertise their services as well.  In other cases, the sheeting can be painted to provide a more pleasant appearance or match the surrounding area the scaffolding is located at.

You can also get scaffold sheeting that is flame retardant which will add greater protection for your site and workers.  Flame retardant items are covered with a special chemical that will prevent the materials from catching on fire easily.  Scaffold sheeting is an excellent choice to protect your site, repair projects, protect a building from fire, and protect your workers.

Scaffold Netting SelectionScaffolding Netting

This is an ideal product for projects that are either small or large and works very much like scaffold sheeting.  The exception being, mesh or netting is not as flexible when it comes to colors or designs.  You will often see netting being used on large housing or industrial projects because it's a great deal cheaper when bought in bulk.  Most scaffolding netting will come with cable ties to attach to the scaffolding which will protect your building from weather elements.  Like scaffold sheeting, scaffolding netting is also available as a fire retardant option for added protection for your building and reducing the chances of fire damage.  This product is designed to keep debris from flying around or entering the building you are working on.

It is a great deal less expensive than sheeting because it's pretty simple in appearance and you cannot print on the netting.  This is a perfect choice for those who want something that is easy and saves money.

Scaffolding netting (mesh) is a great choice for repair work and renovations without worry about the color or ability to advertising your services.  Again, make sure you hire a professional to construct your scaffolding who clearly understands and knows all the rules and regulations required.  Although netting is not as flexible as sheeting, it is an excellent choice for larger projects that require a great deal of protection.


For more information on construction site fall system requirements pleas see the official OSHA website