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Floating Silt Fence



Our Floating Silt Fence, also known as a turbidity barrier, is a used to prevent construction site debris and sediment from going into various bodies of water such as canals, ponds, and small lakes. The Floating Silt Fence is available is various depths and typically 50' lengths. This fence is made in America and is made of a PVC coated polyester and is treat with an anti-mildew coating.

This Type 1 fence product is typically used in areas with light wind and/or lighter water currents.

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  • This is the most frequently specified barrier in the TOUGH GUY® barrier line. It is recommended for construction sites located in protected areas that are exposed only to light winds and to current velocities of less than one foot per second.
  • This type of site may include ponds, shallow lakes, small streams and marshes.
  • Anchorage consisting of stakes or concrete blocks may be required to maintain the barrier in its required position. Barrier sections are connected by rope lacing or nylon ties and supplied separately.

Why Buy Turbidity Curtains from Paramount Materials?

  • We only sell the Tough Guy brand commercial-grade curtains which are made in the USA. Widely regarded as the “go to brand” for quality and strict adherence to stated specifications.
  • We do not sell "no-name" or "off-brand" curtains. These economy curtains often claim to meet spec but due to oversees manufacturing variances sometimes do not, leaving the installer exposed to potential fines and project delays.
  • When you call, we answer. When you call Paramount Materials you get a live person quickly, ready to help with product or order questions. (M-F 5:00 am - 3:00 pm Pacific Time)

Tough Guy® Floating Turbidity Barrier Type 1.DOT

Specifications (ST: 10/08)

Fabric - 18 oz. nominal laminated vinyl/polyester having the following characteristics:

Construction - vinyl laminate on 9X9 1000 x 1300 denier polyester scrim Weight – 18.5 oz. per sq. yd. (434 gr./sq. m.)

Adhesion – 24 x 20 lb./2”

Grab Tensile – 410 x 410 lb./in. (430 x 421 daN/5cm.)

Tongue Tear – 100 x 100 lb. (95 x 95 daN)

Hydrostatic - 600 psi (4167 kPa) Cold resistance to crack: -40° F/C

All seams heat sealed

5/8 inch diameter poly rope reinforced vertical edges

#4 brass grommets

1/4 in. galvanized chain ballast

EPS flotation, 6 in. x 6 in., 13.5 lb./ft. buoyancy in fresh water and 14.4 lb./ft buoyancy in saltwater.

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Type 1 Turbidity Curtains

Type 1 Turbidity Curtains

Type 2 Turbidity Curtains

Type 2 Turbidity Curtains

Type 3 Turbidity Curtains

Type 3 Turbidity Curtains

Floating Silt Fence in waterway

Floating Barrier During Construction

Aer-Flo - The Leader In Barrier Solutions

Aer-Flo, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of barriers and curtains. Their products are sold by environmental and construction distributors. The products go beyond all expectations, exceed DOT (Dept of Transportation) specifications, and are designed and produced in the United States.

Aer-Flo was first founded in 1981 producing tarps and covers in Florida for the trucking and agriculture industries. Since that time, they have continually grown by getting into new markets with their high-quality products.

At one point, the company manufactured Tough Guy® Turbidity Barriers primarily for the construction industry. The barrier is an erosion and sediment containment product. Tough Guy® Turbidity Barriers are made of industry-leading materials to offer the best solutions for a variety of industries. Customers have praised this product which is recognized as a leading turbidity barrier brand. All of Aer-Flo products as well as these barriers are designed and made in the United States.

Their line of products include:
• Floating Turbidity Barriers
• Weed-Debris Booms

• Staked Barriers
• Barriers Accessories include lighted navigation buoys, anchored kits, and towing bridles

Aer-Flo takes great pride in their innovative custom solutions, providing exceptional customer service, and superb response item. They offer the industry's fastest response time and offer the largest supply of barriers in stock. All their products are built with the highest quality materials available on the market.

Floating Turbidity Barriers

These floating barriers are created with a top flotation boom, an inaccessible curtain that enters down into the water. Its designed with a heavy steel chain in the hem across the bottom of the curtain for ballast so the curtain remains vertical in the water. The end hems are sealed around the rope and an eyelet in the sheet allowing them to attach to each other using rope or bolts, nuts, or washers without tearing.

Aer-Flo has designed a revolutionary system to guarantee the barriers are anchored to remain in position in various elements including windy and moving water conditions. Their unique positioning or retrieval buoy is used to pull the barrier to its correct position during installation and unhook the anchor from the bottom for removal. Their floating turbidity barriers are next to nothing in quality, effectiveness, and strength using their Touch Guy® technology. The barriers meet or exceed all DOT specifications.

Protecting Water from Turbidity

Protecting Lake From Turbidity

There are 3 designs of the Floating Turbidity Barrier that you should know about. DOT 1, DOT 2, and DOT 3. All 3 have met or exceeded federal and state governmental specifications including the NPDES Phase II requirements.


This is probably the most requested barrier in the Tough Guy® Turbidity Barriers category. This is normally used in construction sites that are sitting in protected areas that are only exposed to very light winds and currents less than one foot per second. These sites are home to ponds, shallow lakes, marshes, and streams.

In some cases, anchoring might include stakes or possibly concrete blocks. The barrier sections are connected using rope or nylon ties.


This is considered the workhorse of the group. It comes with top load cables and primary stress plates for reinforcement of the corners and is capable of handing more serious conditions. It's perfect for lakes, inter-coastal, tidal locations, and streams where currents are up to 5-feet per second.

The anchoring and installation must be designed to match the site's location and conditions. You should get in touch with Aer-Flo or a qualified engineer for help when dealing with serious site conditions that might come your way. The barrier sections are connected using equipped shackles and rope lacing or nylon ties.


This is a significant adjustment to DOT 2 barrier. This will entail a 20% or higher of the area of the barrier skirt is replaced with a polypropylene fiber fabric that will conform with state DOT regulations. The fabric is placed to prevent pressure on the curtain while holding silt.

Floating Turbidity Fence

Protecting Waterway from Sediment

Staked Barriers

This is a line of staked barriers that are continuous panels of impenetrable vinyl polyester (PVC) fabric. When installed properly they will hold water runoff or re-direct it to a retention area.

The barriers are perfect for projects that have critical site discharge. These barriers can stop erosion and stormwater runoff when conditions are bad., They are DOT compliant for stormwater and perfect in porous soils on moderately sloping areas.

Weed Debris Booms will protect waterways from unwanted marine vegetation and debris. You can keep waterfront areas clean with their weed and plant control booms to protect waterways from marine and aquatic plant vegetation and other debris while still having free-flowing water.

It's perfect for use on construction sites, roadside ditches, marsh areas, ponds, and other shallow bodies of water, and retention basins.

Weed Debris Booms will protect beaches, lakes, recreational waterfronts, shorelines, resorts, and hotels from invasive aquatic plants taking over using the best aquatic plant barrier to date. You can use this product seasonally or all year long. This product has the combination of the latest technologies in floating booms and hydro-weed containment to control the spread of aggressive species and plants that spread.

You can control the spread of plants including seaweed, Sargassum,, Algae, Hydrilla, Hyacinth, Eurasian Watermilfoil, and many other invasive species.

This product is perfect for use at beaches, parks with recreational shorelines, resorts, hotels, along with docks, ports, and marinas.