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4 inch green slope stabilization grid SlopeGrid
4 inch green slope stabilization grid SlopeGrid
green vinyl slopegrid geocell
SlopeGrid Geocell on boat dock to shoreline
Gravel boat launch with slopegrid geocell underneath
Geocell Slopegrid under bridge application
Green aggregate geocell on hillside
2 men installing geocell grid
Geocell install on slope around tree
slope stabilization grid
shoreline geocell pathway for erosion control
man stapling geocells together
Slope Stabilization Grid - 4" - SlopeGrid

Slope Stabilization Grid - 4" - SlopeGrid


SlopeGrid provides superior erosion control protection. It is an economical long-term solution consisting of a large blanket of 3-D connected cells which fortifies the earth to prevent erosion, soil migration, and damaging shifting forces cause by water and wind.

Cell Depth: 4"

Unit Dimensions: 8' x 29' (232 SF)


***For slopes over 45 degrees, please call for a custom quote.***

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Product Specifics

  • Model: SlopeGrid 4"
  • Cell Depth: 4"
  • Dimensions: 8' x 29'
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Square Feet / Grid: 232
  • Materials: Polymer, Virgin HDPE
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  • Volume Pricing
    Available orders over $5,000
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    Call (800) 748-5647

SlopeGrid Highlights

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • Permanent Solution
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cells can be filled with soil and planted with vegetation or filled with aggregates
  • Easier to install than a retaining wall


  • Embankment Restoration
  • Slopes
  • Green Roofs
  • Channels
  • Overpasses
  • Swales
  • Roadside Embankment Reinforcement
  • Ports & Marinas

SlopeGrid Units Per Pallet:
4" SlopeGrid = 18
6" SlopeGrid = 12 


Product Brochures

  • Slope Brochure
  • Green Roof Brochure

Installation Guides and Tips

  • Installation Guide
  • Cell Direction
  • J Hook Placement
  • Product Info and Install Tips

SlopeGrid CADS

  • J-Hook
  • Vegetated Slope with Cabling
  • Slope Protection - Concrete Infill
  • Aggregate Surface Layer
  • Vegetated Green Surface
  • Anchoring Options


  • Data Sheet
  • CSI Sheet

What Accessories Are Needed?

For Slopes UNDER 45 Degrees:


For Slopes OVER 45 Degrees: ***Please call (800) 748-5647 for custom quote.***

Installation Videos


  • All SlopeGrid Products Ship for Free (standard ground, see map)
  • Expedited shipping only available on orders over $2,000
  • Call: (800) 748-5647 for pricing and ship times

Shipping estimates shown on the map pertain to this specific product only. SlopeGrid orders typically ship same day if the order is placed before 12:00 noon EST. Transit times displayed in the map are listed in business days, and are approximate. The day that the order is shipped is not counted as a transit day.