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Outpak Slurry Solution Solidifier (4) 7 lb Bottles


SKU 942-SS28-4

Model: 942-SS28-4
Brand: Outpak

Bottle Size: 7 lb
Number of Bottles Included: 4


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  • Box of (4) 4 lb bottless
  • Each 4 lb bottle can absorb 80 gallons of water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made of organic materials
  • EPA complaint
  • For water based products


Washout Hardening Powder

The Slurry Solidifier Solution by Outpak is design to absorb excess liquid quickly into a dry, easily picked up material with residue. It is ideal for use with floor polishers, core drillers, concrete washouts and wet saw cutters. Once hardened the end result is an EPA compliant material ready to be disposed of in a trash container.

Easy to Use

The slurry solution can be added to a washout container or directly applied to a surface. The material does not stain floors or leave a slippery residue.

EPA Compliant

EPA fines for non-compliance on material disposal at your job site can be extremely expensive and can be easily avoided by using a dependable slurry solution to pickup liquid residue and disposing of the waste correctly.

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