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Mirafi RS380i Geotextile Fabric - 15' x 300' Roll - TenCate


SKU MIRAFI-RS380i-15x300

Mirafi RS380i Geotextile Fabric - 15' x 300' Roll

Brand: Mirafi - TenCate

Size: 15' x 300'
Square Feet / Roll: 4,500
Weight: 328 lbs
Fabric Specifications: Download RS380i Specification Sheet

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This fabric is produced in the state of Georgia, USA and can meet Build America / Buy America (BABA) requirements when requested. If ordering this fabric for a BABA project be sure to indicate that a BABA fabric is required in the “order message” field on the cart page.

NOTE: Mirafi branded products are ineligible for return or order cancellation once the order has been shipped. If you would like to purchase an equivalent fabric which is eligible to be returned with a standard restocking fee please give us a call at (800) 748-5647.

This Product is Stocked in the California and Georgia Distribution Centers Only.

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  • Modulus: Separation. Confinement. Water flow. Orange product identification. Superior integration.
  • Reinforcement Strength: Higher tensile modulus properties than the leading stabilization products.
  • Separation and Filtration: Unique double layer construction provides a wide range of pore sizes for an excellent separation factor, superior filtration and flow characteristics of a fine to coarse sand layer.
  • Soil and Base Course Interaction: Excellent soil and base course confinement resulting in greater load distribution.
  • Durability: Robust damage resistance for moderate to severe stress installations.
  • Roll Sizes: Mirafi ® RSi-Series geosynthetics come in several roll sizes to fit project requirements.
  • Seams: Panels can be seamed in the factory or field, providing cross-roll direction strength to facilitate efficient installation.


  • We are an authorized Mirafi / Tencate distributor.
  • We only sell genuine Mirafi geogrid. We never ship mislabeled overruns or "knock-offs".
  • You order Mirafi, we ship Mirafi. Even if a stock issue arises we never substitute for another brand without the customer's direct consent.
  • When you call, we answer. When you call Paramount Materials you get a live person quickly, ready to help with product or order questions. (M-F 5:00 am - 3:00 pm Pacific Time)

Fabric Shipping Time - Georgia Warehouse:

By default, Mirafi fabric orders ship from the Georgia warehouse where a full stock of the Mirafi fabric types are maintained. Most orders ship same day (M-F) if order is placed before 11:00 AM EST. Transit times displayed in the map are listed in business days, are approximate and are specific to the Mirafi fabric line. The day that the order is shipped is not counted as a transit day. Most Mirafi fabric rolls ship via LTL freight. For expedited shipping rates please call: (800) 748-5647

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Most Mirafi fabric California warehouse orders ship same day (M-F) if order is placed before 11:00 AM EST. Transit times displayed in the map are listed in business days, are approximate and are specific to the Mirafi fabric line. The day that the order is shipped is not counted as a transit day. Most Mirafi fabric rolls ship via LTL freight. For expedited shipping rates please call: (800) 748-5647

The transit times displayed on the map are for our free shipping option.


TenCate Mirafi® RSi Series Woven Geosynthetics are used for varying application needs including: base course reinforcement and subgrade stabilization for road, runway and railway construction; embankment stabilization on soft foundations; reinforcement for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) structures; liner support, voids bridging, reinforcement over soft hazardous pond closures and other environmental market applications.

TenCate Mirafi® RSi-Series Woven Geosynthetics function for:

- Separation
- Filtration
- Soil Reinforcement
- Confinement
- Drainage

System Solutions:

Mechanically Stabilized Earth
- Embankments

Roadway and Railway Stabilization and Reinforcement
- Base course reinforcement and sub-grade restraint

Erosion Control
- Land Reclamation

Waste Management
- Containment

TenCate Mirafi® RSi Series Woven Geosynthetics…geosynthetics that make a difference.

*Integration refers to the overall set of described characteristics based on a review of technical specifications for comparable products published by their respective manufacturers. Individual characteristics of these products vary and may meet, exceed, or fall below one or more of the above described individual characteristics.

Mirafi RS380i Being Rolled out on Large Construction Project

RS380i being installed

Case Study In Chino, CA – RS380i

The project site would house 4 constructed commercial industrial buildings ranging from 89,100 ± ft2 to 789,084 ± ft2 in size. The buildings had to be single-story structures of tilt-up concrete construction. The buildings, with the exception of the building located in the southeast section, would have truck dock areas.  All the buildings were to be surrounded by asphaltic concrete and Portland cement concrete pavement. Fills would range from 2 feet to approximately 30 feet. This was required in order to create the planned subgrade elevations for the new development.


It was recommended that remedial grading would be used within the proposed building areas to remove any current compressible native soils. It was also recommended that over-excavation in the former detention pond areas would be replaced by required fills. Based on conditions detected at the boring locations, the current soils in the proposed building areas were to be over excavated to a depth of at least 3-feet below the building pad subgrade elevation and at least 4-feet below the current grade, whichever was greater.

In the areas where the former detention basins were located, it was expected that moist to wet soils would be found at the base of the over-excavation. SCG offered preliminary recommendations in the soil report for subgrade stabilization. It is highly recommended that stabilization through the placement of an absorbent, high ratio geotextile fabric, TenCate Mirafi® RS380i*, at a minimum 18-inch thick layer of crushed stone within 2 to 4-inch particle sizes.


As expected, the over-saturated soils were met at the base of the over-excavation. The SCG soils tech described the instability of the existing subgrade as moderate to severe. The concrete debris generated by the demolition of the previous site was crushed into 2 to 8-inch particle sizes.  The crushed particles were used instead of importing crushed rock for stabilization. They used on-site concrete demo material which was more economical than using imported crushed rock from a gravel pit. In areas of uncompromising instability, SCG suggested the placement of TenCate Mirafi® RS380i before putting down the crushed concrete material.

Mirafi® RS380i was used on the surface of the unstable over-saturated soils. Then 18 to 24-inches of crushed concrete was placed over the geosynthetic. Crushed concrete was pushed onto the Mirafi® RS380i with a truck-mounted dozer. After installing Mirafi® RS380i and the crushed concrete was done, fill soils were deposited on the crushed concrete using Cat 837 scrapers. The stabilization layer was reported to be firm and unyielding underneath the weight of the grading equipment. Fill soils were compacted to approximately 90% of the ASTM D1557 maximum dry density.


Mirafi® RS380i geosynthetic provided strength to the poor subgrade conditions, allowing for a stable foundation.

Mirafi® RS380i High Strength Geotextile Provided:

• Exceptional tensile strength to support subgrade.
• Excellent separation of poor native soils from the aggregate base.
• Filtering waters from the pumping soils.
• Lateral restriction of the stone section.

The best news, - there was no damage during the placement compaction of highly angular 2 to 8-inch crushed concrete. The final result, a finished, firm, and stabilized platform for the construction of the 4 commercial buildings, the surrounding parking lots, and the loading docks.