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Sun Selector Clear Greenhouse Plastic Film, 6 mil, 4 year - Price Per Sq. Ft.

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SKU C928

Greenhouse Plastic Film

Model: C928
Series: Sun Selector / SunCover

Material Thickness: 6 mil
Material Type: Polyethylene (LDPE)
Color: Clear

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We custom cut your film to any length that adds up to at least 1,000 square feet (e.g 40' x 25' is equivalent to 1,000 sq. ft.)

Note: Custom cut greenhouse plastic typically requires a 2 day processing period before shipment. Please allow 3-7 business days for delivery depending on your location. Greenhouse plastic ships from California. UPS tracking is not automatically provided on orders of this product but available upon request.


  • 5-Layer Technology for excellent strength and versatility.
  • 90 percent light transmission, 20 percent light diffusion.
  • UVA protection ensures longevity.
  • Anti-Dust protection to prevent and lack of transparency & haziness.
  • 4 Year Warranty.

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Each one of our Sun Selector Clear films are custom cut for your exact specifications. Please allow an average of 3 to 5 business days before shipping.

Return Policy:

Because this material is custom cut for your specific order, we do not allow returns on any custom cut greenhouse plastic order.
Sun Selector Clear Greenhouse Film:
Sun Selector Clear Greenhouse Film is one of the very best, high quality greenhouse plastics on the market. It offers UVA protection that will last 4 years and also provides an anti-dust protection.
Sun Selector films have been created with the highest level of agricultural research with over 25 years of professional agricultural plastics experience.
The Sun Selector clear film is a unique in that is a technically advanced, long lasting, multi-layer and photo-selective product. These premium plastics are ideal for greenhouses and tunnel covering alike. The Polyethylene (LDPE) greenhouse films are the world's only 5 layer technology; the five different layers are added to each roll and each layer has its own function.

The Technology Behind Sun Selector:
This exclusive 5 layer technology for Sun Selector greenhouse films will give you a greenhouse plastic that is of the highest quality and unmatched worldwide. Sun Selector plastics are exceptionally effective due to their unique properties including, light diffusion, stabilization against UV break down, ultra violet radiation blocking, thermistor effective, anti mist, anti drip and many more excellent benefits.

Note: The actual properties of each model of film varies. For example, not all plastics are anti-drop. Please refer to the specific descriptions of each film for specific properties.
Films are often manufactured with more than one base resin including, Linear Low Density PE, EVA, Metallocene and Barrier resins. Until the birth of multi-layering, which took place 25 years ago, the leading chemical additive was sand resin, which mixed together formed one layer. One of the biggest problems with this process, you could not choose where a certain additive would be placed, either in outer or inner layers. In many cases these additives were incompatible causing poor results such as the lack of transparency and haziness. Multi-layering film technology offers the separation of different resins and additives into different layers.
Multi-layer technology, with selective additives, offers an ideal level of strength, versatility and light transmission.


Installation against bare PVC pipes is not recommended. A mild reaction could occur which has the ability to weaken the poly film over time. You should wrap, cover or paint the PVC pipes before applying the film.