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Floating Turbidity Booms

A floating turbidity boom also called a turbidity curtain is a barrier used to contain sediment and silt from construction activity that takes place near or in a body of water to help protect the marine ecosystem.  

The rest of this article explains what a turbidity curtain is, how it works, the different types, and discusses other relevant questions and topics concerning turbidity curtains and their use. 

Floating Boom Weed Debris Barrier
Floating Boom Weed Debris Barrier
Floating Boom Weed Debris Barrier
Floating Boom Weed Debris Barrier

Floating Boom Weed Debris Barrier


Other Types of Turbidity Barriers

Every construction project is unique, so in addition to type one, type two, and type three barriers, specialty barriers may be required to protect the aquatic ecosystem. The following table explains some of these barriers: 

Turbidity Boom used for dredging

Type of Turbidity Barrier Details 
Floating Baffle/Bedload Baffle Baffle systems prevent the migration of silt from predefined structures, which increases water quality. This system decreases the total suspended solids, which helps keep projects in compliance with state construction regulations. 
Deep Water Standard turbidity curtains work in waters up to ten meters deep, so if the body of water being threatened by a project is deeper, a custom curtain will need to be made. 
Moon Pool A moon pool curtain is hung from marine platforms to completely enclose a dredge site. These barriers are designed with the contractor of a project. 
Dredge Barge This curtain is specifically for use in large barge dredging operations. This curtain attaches to the barge and moves with it. 
Fish Exclusion This curtain is used during the spawning or migration of fish. It is made of a mesh-like material that lets water flow freely while protecting the fish and keeping them away from the construction area. 
Jellyfish Barrier A jellyfish barrier is used in resort or water sports waters. These barriers aren’t used for construction but are used to protect swimmers and athletes from jellyfish. 

Looking for Barrier for Aquatic Plants and Debris?

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