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Removable pipe bollards guarding alleywayPipe Bollards for Pedestrian Walkways & Storefronts

The best way for store owners and cities to protect their businesses and pedestrians from vehicular smash & grab robberies, and vehicular terrorist attacks is by installing protective steel pipe bollards in front of the business or store or around critical areas that are vulnerable including the actual storefront, parking lot, pedestrian and bike paths, to name a few.

Recent reports have shown there have been at least 6 deadly, car-ramming terrorist attacks in 2017.  In London, the bike/pedestrian path in New York City, and the list sadly goes on and on.  There have reportedly been over 60 vehicles used to crash into buildings on a daily basis.  This has led to 3,600 injuries and almost 500 deaths each year.  Vehicles have been accidentally or deliberately turned into weapons causing disaster and mayhem in public places and for local businesses.  Even though this is a growing concern, there is a way to deter and prevent vehicles from crashing into vulnerable areas and critical asset areas.

This can be a little difficult as everyday busy activities are usually taking place in parking lots, along pathways, delivery trucks dropping off produce or supplies to stores and businesses, and forklifts that need access to warehouses.  Therefore, you need removable bollard posts to allow for legitimate access.

Removable Locking Bollards:

Ideal Shield offers exceptional removable locking bollards that are designed with self-closing hinged lids for easy installation and removal for temporary vehicle access.  Removable bollards are strong, dependable, and affordable solutions for protecting critical asset areas.  These bollards are made from schedule 40 steel, have self-closing lids in order to provide pedestrian and worker safety before and after removal.  Removable bollards are the perfect way to create adjustable security barriers.

No matter what product you are going to purchase, there are always two options available.  You can buy an economy-grade product for a cheaper price or pay more for higher quality that will last longer even through wear and tear.  These options are often predominant in purchasing cars, televisions, clothing, etc. This is particularly prevalent in purchasing bollard covers.

Bollard covers are very popular because they improve the overall appearance of the bollard posts while saving a good deal of money from painting. Like many other items, if you take the cheaper road, you will eventually need to pull out your paint bucket and checkbook because these covers will start to fade in a much shorter period of time than had you chosen a higher quality cover.

backside of bollardsQuality Over Quantity:

These covers come in different thicknesses, some are decorative, or have lighting options.  Ideal Shield's bollard covers are manufactured with UV protection and come with a five-year, no-fade guarantee. This means you do not have to worry about the climate you live in or the level of sun that will reflect off them each day.  Should your bollard covers fade more than 10% of their original color over five years, Ideal Shield will replace them!

Bollard Covers Come In Many Different Sizes, Colors, and Shapes:

Bollard covers have always been insignificant objects that are simply a part of the posts to protect buildings, critical assets, and areas.  Therefore, the only money spent on these bollards was the installation and possibly a little paint.  Thanks to Frank Venegas, his design idea was to change the world of bollards forever.

In 2002, Frank Venegas, CEO of Ideal Shield, came up with an idea to utilize bollard posts in a completely different way.  These posts were not just for protection but offering businesses ways to stand out from the crowd and get brand recognition.  He started off by creating a yellow plastic dome top bollard cover that would be extremely easy to see, extremely durable, and could be used just about everywhere.  

From there, he went on to produce over 600 different colors for the covers, making Ideal the Original Bollard Cover company.  If you are a property manager, facility operator, or business owner and want to improve the appearance and feel of your bollard posts, contact them!

bollards removedFor Small & Large Businesses Alike:

Whether you are running an international corporation or a corner mom & pop store, you want to protect your property from damage and protect your customers from harm's way.  In many cases, smaller stores are not as high a target as international corporations that are will probably experience vehicles trying to crash into their establishments whether spread throughout the country or overseas locations.  Having closely installed bollards is not just critical but essential.  These bollards should be placed very closely together to prevent vehicles from entering the security zones.  If your bollards are placed apart from each other, there is a risk that a vehicle or individual can get into that secured area and cause incredible damage.  Keep in mind, that even though there are occasional driver errors, the majority of storefront crashes are caused by those using vehicles as weapons and it is happening all the time!

As an example, Dunkin' Donuts has over 11,000 stores worldwide and is the 8th largest food chain in the world.  This American Icon has dealt with storefront crashes on a regular basis and this is why quality is critical for businesses and stores to install more bollards.  More bollards will allow you to place them closer together, with a maximum of only 5-feet apart.  You will lower your risks of a vehicle getting through the barrier. Some businesses might be concerned that having so many bollards will make their business look like a fortress but that's just not true.

There are so many covers to choose from such as decorative, standard, different colors, and even bollard sign systems.  Everyone can be customized to reflect your brand!

Extra bollards will ensure the safety of your customers but with a huge array of designs, your business will offer a clean, personalized appearance.  Adding several bollards in front of your store is not a bad idea. Some of the largest companies throughout the country have chosen to go down this road.  Ideal Shield has been with them every step of the way.