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Dog Kennel Flooring

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Dog Kennel Flooring

Look To Paramount Materials For Dog Daycare Facilities & Home Dog Kennels

If you need flooring for your dog's kennel or for your dog daycare business, you've come to the right place. Paramount Materials offers the very best kennel flooring made of rubber and vinyl and will stand up to the daily uses in dog daycare facilities. They provide flooring in non-porous rolls, mats and tiles that work for both indoor and outdoor kennels. Their most popular flooring are the non-porous mats. Rubber mats are very easy to clean and will not allow liquids to pass through. Their floors are “Do It Yourself” friendly and are also very easy to maintain.

Many pet owners want to be sure their four-legged friends are safe when they are at work and choose to leave them at a dog daycare. Dog daycare places are great for dogs to interact with other dogs and will never be lonely. Many of these daycare places also provide dog training for those who need little Hannah to develop some manners while still a puppy.

One very important part of a daycare facility is the flooring in the kennels. Obviously, dogs do not use bathrooms, so they will choose a spot on the floor. Most floorings are not suitable for urination, such as carpet! Carpet is very difficult to clean after a puppy accident and odors will build up in that spot. If you installed proper dog kennel flooring in your dog's home kennel, there would be no stains building up and certainly no long-term orders.

Paramount Materials offers a large range of dog kennel floor options from mats to tiles and two material options of vinyl and rubber. The most important aspect for dog kennel flooring is to have a floor that is non-porous. Vinyl and rubber will prevent liquids from soaking into the floor. They also offer a few products that are porous that will become non-porous by using a sealant. All their floors are very easy to install and maintenance is a snap just like the hard floor in your home. A simple mopping and brushing will clean up any residue or stuck on stains. It is recommended you use a synthetic mop head with a mild soap and water solution.

Dog Kennel Rubber Mats:

Rubber dog kennel mats are Paramount Materials's most popular products for both daycare facilities and for your home's dog kennel. They are non-porous and provide comfort for your pet. You can purchase these mats as stand alone mats or in mat kits.

Mat Kits:

Their kits are comprised of many tiles that will fit to a certain size of mat. Their mat kits come in various sizes from small to large dog daycare facilities and kennels. The kennel mats interlock tightly in order to prevent liquids from penetrating through the mats. On the other hand, if liquids are sitting over the seams for a long period of time, they can possibly penetrate through to the sub-flooring. It's very important that you clean up their messes as quickly as possible. Their dog kennel mat kits are extremely easy to install and come with instructions with a layout that will show you where each tile goes. These tiles fit in a way that is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Stand Alone Mats:

These mats work best for smaller kennels. These dog daycare mats can be combined together to create a larger flooring, but the seams should be sealed with a seam sealer to make sure liquids do not penetrate down to the floor.

Dog Area Play Mat
Dog Area Play Mat

Rubber Rolls For Dog Kennels:

Their most popular stand alone mat is the 4' x 6' size. The rubber dog kennel flooring rolls are a great choice for large dog kennels and daycare facilities. Mat kits and stand alone mats are perfect when you need to cover a large area, but they can take a good amount of time to install. Their rubber rolls are porous and therefore it's very important to use their floor finish and sealer to make them resistant to secretions. It is also highly recommended that you use a seam sealer on this type of flooring as well.

The Installation Of Rolls:

You can either loosely lay the flooring using double sided tape or for a permanent installation, glue the floor down. Rubber rolls for dog kennels are less expensive and therefore a first choice for daycare facilities. Dog daycare facilities are run by people who absolutely love dogs and want to take the very best care of your four-legged family member. They use products that are comfortable and safe while you are away.

Delivery Of Your Dog Kennel Flooring:

Dog kennel flooring is quite heavy and most orders are shipped by freight. Please contact Paramount Materials for more information on freight delivery. One of their sales representatives will provide you with all the information you will need, as delivery varies from one case to another. You will not have to worry about taking the dog kennel mats off the truck. They cover the cost for a lift-gate and curbside delivery. Your only responsibility is to get your new mats to your home kennel or daycare facility kennels.

Photo of Rolled Dog Kennel Mat
Rolled Dog Kennel Mat

Rolled Dog Kennel Flooring:

Rubber dog flooring, kennel flooring or dog agility flooring are some of the many uses for their Eco-friendly floors. Rubber flooring provides a very durable product and are excellent for indoor and outdoor uses.

Our top of the line rubber rolls are durable, versatile and pleasing in appearance. This is an excellent product for many different dog related applications. These rubber rolls are 100% recycled rubber which is comfortable on your pet's paws and resilient against secretions. Rubber flooring will also keep your dog from being injured and offers excellent traction with out slipping.

The non-slip surface is very easy to clean and maintain and will be your dog's flooring for many years. These rolls are manufactured in the United States from recycled scrap tires. Some of their many features include:

•Commercial grade animal flooring.
•Reduces injuries to animals.
•Perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use.
•Provides Excellent Traction – even when wet!
•Factory cut edges to assure a uniform installation.
•When reordering, please note that colors may vary just slightly.
•Keep in mind, rubber always has a "rubber" odor that will diminish over time.
•Comes in a variety of colors.
•Colored: Solid black with 17% color fleck added.
•Solid black with random flecks of color.

Some areas on the rolls may show more color flecks than other areas.

•Customize your rubber flooring area to any size.
•Rolls may be easily trimmed if necessary.
•Guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 2 years.

Durable Rubber Floor Advantages:

Made from premium recycled rubber particles, each product is manufactured for strength. They are highly resilient and will not easily wear out due to the natural nature of rubber. These products are manufactured using polymer binding. Each roll is made from thousands of rubber granules and provide superior comfort under foot. The cushioning relieves shock from walking, standing or running. They come in 17% content of different colors, natural or in solid black. The colored flecks a homogeneously blended throughout the entire product and will not fade or wear out. The wonderful colors are perfect for both indoor décor and outdoor accents. With factory cut edges and manufactured in a controlled environment ensures the very best installation. These rubber floorings are safe in both indoors and outdoors. It is highly recommended that the colored material be used indoors to prevent UV exposure and the possibility of fading. Indoor mats can be easily cleaned using a broom, damp mop or vacuum. Outdoor mats can be cleaned with a hose, leaf blower or broom. You can also use a mild soap to clean and sanitize the flooring.

Dog on Mat

Our Rubber Mat Product Advantages:

Manufactured Totally in the USA.

There are very few manufacturers who can say their products are 100% American Made. These products are manufactured in Oregon and all the raw materials are from the United States as well.

Provides Excellent Traction – even when wet.

Free of all fillers or contaminants.

Rolled rubber in solid black is manufactured of 88% post-consumer, recycled rubber materials, scrap tires. Colored rolls have 71% post-consumer products.

Due to the high quality of reused material, these rubber rolls meet and exceed the requirements set down in Executive Order 13101, Greening the Government. Due to the manufacturing of these materials, each year over 4 million scrap tires will not end up in a landfill.

Polymerized vs Vulcanized:

Almost all recycled rubber mats are made using a vulcanized process. Sulfur is added with the rubber, heated and pressed into molds that emit harmful pollutants into the air. These vulcanized mats give off a horrible sulfur odor that smells like rotten eggs.

Our Rubber Mats are manufactured with a polymer bonding agent on a continuous press and is environmentally safe. Using a continuous press allows for different sizes and factory sheared edges for a much tighter fit.

Dog Area Play Mat
Dog Area Play Mat

Softer Is Better:

Polymer bonded mats are also a great deal softer than vulcanized mats because the vulcanization process compresses out all air pockets from the rubber making the mats extremely hard. Ultimate RB uses a polymer bonding agent that is specifically designed to provide ultimate strength, resilience and cushioning in all their mats for maximum comfort. Even after years of extensive use, their mats will give you flexibility, durability and strength. The harder the surface is, the more slippery the mat is. Softer truly is better, providing for much better traction.

Paramount Materials's Rubber Mat's Features:

•Anti-skid surface.
•Easy to clean.
•Commercial grade animal flooring.
•Made from SBR bonded granular recycled rubber.
•Reduces injuries to your pets.
•Excellent Traction – even when wet!
•Rubber always has a "rubber" odor that will dissipate over time.
•Color: Mostly solid black with randomly scattered flecks of a random color.
•Guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects in material & workmanship for 2 years.

Keep in mind, buying quality rubber mats is a smart investment and will protect your four-legged family members. The people at Paramount Materials stand for quality and reliability. Their products are guaranteed for excellent performance, durability, pleasing appearance, superb cushioning and are resilient against secretions.


The very best rubber and vinyl dog kennel and daycare facility floorings are manufactured by Ultimate RB.

Rubber mats are easy to clean and maintain.

When installed in your home's kennel, gone will be the days of stained carpets from accidents and will not have lingering odors that are embarrassing when you have guests drop by.

Rubber dog kennel mats are our most popular products for both daycare facilities and for your home's dog kennel. They are non-porous and provide comfort for your pet. You can purchase these mats as stand alone mats or in mat kits.