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ArborTie: The Safer, Less Expensive Alternative To Traditional Tree Ties

Arbortie with trees near sidewalk
ArborTie Staking in an Urban Installation

It's that time of year to start securing and staking young trees both in commercial and home projects. Traditional systems can be expensive and sometime difficult. Traditional methods call for materials that can actually cause more harm then good for young, vulnerable trees. So why not look into a less expensive, safer and easier to do method for your next project.

If you are looking for a less expensive option for tree ties, look into ArborTie for staking and guying trees safely, offering a soft material that is very easy to use. This material comes in two strengths, the green ties are 900 lb break strength and their white ties are 2,500 lb break strength. They come in a variety of lengths to meet the needs for a multitude of projects and commercial sites.

These tree ties are an exceptional material for staking, steadying, guiding and securing trees. It is designed to replace traditional methods including hoses and wires. It is safe, easy to use and less expensive and will entice good stem growth.

They are made from a soft polypropylene material that features an exclusive weave the ensures rounded edges that will not cut into the trees. It prevents the material from cutting the bark of the tree, which is the common reason why many young trees are injured or die. The exclusive weaving also prevents the tie from becoming unraveled like a rope or string.

The green color blends naturally with surroundings for a great appearance The green color blends naturally with surroundings and is non-distracting. At a 900 lb test strength, these ties will withstand intense winds while still providing plenty of sway in order for the tree's trunk to become stronger. Their convenient 250 feet, 500 feet and 3000 feet rolls are a favorite among professional contractors.

The tie will easily fasten to any stake or any anchoring system with common knots and nails. In order to steady and secure trees, ArborTie does not need to flag or cover wires using their ArborKnot which will always expand as the tree grows in thicknesses and external diameters, while preventing limitations and confinements. This tree tie material is the very best method for staking and securing for both personal and commercial projects. ArborTie also comes in a maximum strength, in a visible white color as well.


Staking And Anchoring Kits:

These all in one kits come with three lengths of Green tie and three stakes or anchors for steadying trees up to 6” (15cm) in thickness.

Their bulk stakes and anchors are extremely sturdy and reusable for all your staking and securing needs.


Arbortie with trees near roadway
Arbortie Used to Secure Trees Near a Roadway


  • Made in the USA
  • Installation that is easier and faster than traditional tree ties.
  • Cost efficient in comparison to traditional staking and securing methods.
  • Highly versatile making them ideal for orchards, landscape trees, street trees and many other projects.
  • No need for girdling making them completely safe for young trees.
  • Extremely strong and flexible which induces stem growth and yet has a break strength of 900 lbs.
  • Comes in convenient sizes: 100' (30.5 m), 250' (76.2 m), 500' (152.4 m), 750' (228.6 m) and 3,000' (914.4 m) rolls that are perfect for any project.


How To Use:

Just tie a simple knot from 18-inches to 24-inches from either end of the tie material

Wrap the end around the tree and then start a new knot just below this one.

Follow the motion, as shown, and then finish the knot by pulling tightly on points A and B at the same time

Where to buy Arbortie?

Arbortie can be purchased from either a local landscape distributor or online. provides a full selection of Arbortie and ships directly to customers nationwide.

How much is Arbortie?

Arbortie is available in 100’, 250’, 500’ and 3,000’ rolls and typically ranges from $45.00 to $450.00 depending on the roll size.

In Conclusion:

Young trees are exceptionally vulnerable and need safe, soft alternatives for stabilization and less restrictions for better growth. ArborTie will not confine or restrict tree growth and the green ties blend perfectly into the surroundings for a pleasant appearance. This is an exceptional material that is ideal for staking, steadying, guiding and securing trees; replacing traditional or standard methods. ArborTies are also less expensive than standard ties and their stakes and anchors are reusable for future projects. Their rounded edges will assure your young trees will not become damaged or possibly die. These ties are the perfect alternative for your commercial and home landscaping projects alike.